What is social media marketing?

We take an in-depth dive into social media marketing, what it means and how it can benefit your brand.

It’s just posting a bunch of pointless posts and fancy graphics … right? WRONG!

The power behind social media marketing is insane and there is a place for every brand to showcase their unique voice, no matter what niche you’re in.

With a variety of platforms, you can speak to your audience through Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and YouTube.

So how do we utilise this incredible reach behind these social platforms to push your brand out and capitalise on driving consumer action?

  1. Content
  2. Brand Strategy
  3. Instagram & FB Ads


If you’re trying to grow a social presence and grow your audience to paying customers without having to fork out for ads. Content marketing is cost-effective and delivers fantastic results!

• Repurpose your blogs, videos and social content
• Share behind-the-scenes footage
• Promote a seasonal sale
• Educate or entertain your audience

Brand Strategy

Brand building on social media largely involves being consistent with your brand’s message and regularly demonstrating that to your target audience. Posting without the right strategy to drive traffic and sales from your social platforms is calling for disaster!

Huge brands like Gymshark for example are aware of the power behind social media, most importantly thinking strategically with their content and influencer marketing tactics that constantly push their product in the front of their audience’s mind when they think of fitness gear.

Ask yourself three questions:

• Would your audience interact better with your brand, through influencer marketing?
• Are your customer’s perceptions of you, aligned with how they should be?
• Are you distinct and unique from your competitors?

Paid Advertisements

As users of social media, we come across tonnes of ads every day. Brands allocate a budget towards this as it can aggressively scale a particular service or product and bring huge returns.

• $89 billion was spent on social media ads in 2019
• 8.7% ad spend will increase per annum
• $152 billion will be the projected ad spend in 2021

Paid advertisement opens the doors to many possibilities of reaching your target audiences on a larger scale. Especially during seasonal periods if you are a product-based brand, paid ads that are targeted at your audience will raise the alarm bells and encourage them to spend, considering that the ad copy, the ad image, and the pricing are all aligned to the research conducted in identifying what your audience persona is.­