Case Study: Navrtar


Redefining VR experiences with NuMarketing

Navrtar is a Free Roam VR Experience in Ealing. Our task was to showcase the various elements of their unique experience for use on Instagram, TikTok and TV screens within the facility.


The main challenge was to replace the outdated content Navrtar had to showcase their new experiences. The aim was to develop a short, engaging content that mirrored Navrtars dynamic brand and improved the engagement they receive for Facebook/Instagram Ads.

Content Creation

For Navrtar, our content creation approach began with a thorough understanding of their audience’s journey, enabling us to tailor messaging at every touchpoint. We mapped out the customer experience, ensuring that our content resonated from initial awareness to loyal advocacy. Drawing from this understanding, we developed a creative concept centered around a lighthouse metaphor, symbolising Navrtar’s role as a beacon of innovation in the VR landscape.

This concept was executed with precision, blending player footage with in-game content to showcase Navrtar’s offerings authentically. Throughout the process, transparent communication with Navrtar ensured alignment with their vision, culminating in the prompt delivery of optimised assets for their social platforms. In summary, our content creation approach for Navrtar combined audience-centric messaging, creative innovation, and seamless execution to bring their VR experience to life in a captivating and impactful manner.

Client Testimonial
The team came down to take videos, captured the vision, communicated well, and executed perfectly! We would use them again.